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MAHMOUD HADID - Personal values and goals, the driving force for success. By Maria Valla.


About a year ago, when the global investment and economic environment seemed safe, 35 CEOs and executives of important multinational companies operating in our country, predicted a wave of investments in Greece.

The relevant research conducted at that time by Metron Analysis in collaboration with Public Affairs & Networks on "Greece, an attractive investment destination?" had a great response and was based on expressing views on this perspective. The positive conclusions were presented at the second InvestGR forum held in Athens.

A conscious investor in Greece (Rhodes and Larissa) is the international businessman Mr. MAHMOUD HADID, who believed in the potential of Rhodes, since due to his family history, he loved the island.

A special personality with multiple abilities, for rational judgment, commitment to objective goals, completion of goals and adaptation to various situations. He knows well how to deal effectively with his environment.

It belongs to the people, who by their nature are charismatic and irresistible. And it is not so much what he does and what he says, as the air and the positive energy that he exudes.

He easily achieves his goals, radiating positive behavior and kindness. He treats everyone the same and does not care about class differences.

He believes that there is no point in judging the lives of others and even though he behaves kindly, he always sets limits in his relationships. He does not need to pretend, he is based on truth and credibility and he walks with them.

He gives real smiles around him, thus banishing negativity. He loves life, believing it is a miracle and we must live it. He loves people, is inspired by them and is a good conversationalist. He has collaborated with the Municipality of Rhodes to help the Orphanage and refugees.

MAHMOUD HADID, smiles and enjoys life, but knows very well that nothing happens if you do not set goals and if you do not work hard to achieve them. And all of the above proves that he is not a simple mind, but a powerful, emblematic personality, a blessed man on this earth. With his mental radar on full alert, at all times, he denies mediocrity and achieves the goals he has dreamed of. With self-confidence, he almost always deals with more than one thing at a time.

Always on the alert and that helps him to constantly search for new informations on his job. The different perspective in relation to other people around him is well known. 

He keeps his feet on the ground and his head up on the sky. He is constantly dreaming and designing new perspectives and usually, he tries to achieve great things, not only for himself  but also for others.

MAHMOUD HADID, came to Greece in the decade 1960-1970, then it was his first relationship with Rhodes and since then this relationship has never ended. In Rhodes, he gives his heart every day. Whether he lives in our place or not. His love for the island is constantly growing and the investments he makes here every year are really great, especially in an economic environment where investor confidence has been shaken.

In Greece, he has made investments in Larissa and Rhodes.

In Rhodes, he does exactly what he loves. He has investments in private homes, from where he enjoys the sea,
the endless Aegean Sea that stretches without avarice under his balcony. And once he completes one investment,
he dreams and starts the next. This is how he spends his time creatively, accompanied by his sweetest wife
Alia Al Sawaf and the good friends he has carefully chosen.

Mahmoud A. Hadid - Philanthropist / Entrepreneur - A.K.A. Meraklis.

His emblem, the Great Brigadier, who tries to fight with everything bad and of course he is the winner….

Being a strong business mind, making careful investment steps, he emphasizes regarding the investment
activity in Rhodes:

"Rhodes had entered the field of investment dynamically, leaving behind the most stable and popular markets, until recently. And the next day in the field of real estate in the Greek market, seemed to be positive, with investing in private homes being the best solution for foreign and domestic buyers.

Acquiring a vacation home on the island of Rhodes, is gaining more and more ground, considering the security, comfort and luxury that are combined in one market, thus ensuring a safe way to vacation, but also a profitable long-term investment.

After all, for years, investing in real estate has been a basic culture of Greek investors, who trust the land and the way of saving. On the other hand, the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and the movement of real estate values ​​in general, following "corresponding" epidemics (Sars, Influenza of 1918) supports the conclusion of the safest investment.

Buying a home in a safe destination, however, is a prudent investment. These are for investors who want to win. On a personal level, the investments in Rhodes were combined with the fact that I love this charismatic island and it hurts me when I find that they do not respect its environment.

With the new data, therefore, the professionals of the area, expect increased demand for private houses in areas mainly with remarkable natural environment and more with sea views. Greece has always been included in the favorite and popular destinations for summer vacations worldwide. This year, however, compared to its timeless, classic competitors, the country has a strong lead, with the good image it has created lately regarding its steady development and the treatment of Covid - 19 "emphasizes Mr. HADID.

It should be noted that, top German newspaper Bild, mentions that Greece is one of the safest destinations for summer holidays in 2020, including it among the countries that are almost safe from the coronavirus. The choice of private residence by foreign investors in our country, now seems a better since when. Investment is any material, durable, productive material, which is not consumed with its use, but contributes to the increase of the productive infrastructure of a company or a country.

An investment is any material, durable, productive material, which is not consumed by its use, but contributes to the increase of the productive infrastructure of a company or a country.

It therefore contributes to the creation of new, capital equipment.

In an economic environment, investments are divided into private and public depending on the institution and the purpose.

Private investment is usually financed by self-financing and includes costs for housing, fixed business facilities, etc.

Private investment is the one that is of great importance for the development and expansion of the productive base of the economy.

Even if the investor builds only one house in one country, he will employ many professions and many local companies will earn money. In addition, the state will benefit from taxes, local municipalities also have profit, as well as companies which sell energy.

Greece had entered dynamically, now, in the field of investment in this sector, leaving behind more stable and popular markets, until recently. Thus, the next day in the field of real estate in the Greek market seems to be positive, with investing in private homes being the best and most cost-effective solution for both foreign and domestic buyers.

 All this, provided that we will at some point get rid of the scourge of the unprecedented epidemic that plagues the world.

"Optimism, positive thinking, love for people and a lot of work" is what Mr MAHMOUD HADID recommends because all this contributes to the positive development of each person. Either he seeks the acquisition of goods, or his self-improvement.



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